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Adquisición de Talento, Outplacement RHMIN Consultores

Because we know that an arduous survey of the market and its networks, through the implementation of artificial intelligence and algorithms, are not enough; We enhance the human factor that sets us apart.

At Nexo Humano, we distinguish ourselves by our closeness and complete understanding of our clients' needs, developing fluid relationships that translate into adaptability, precision and agility in response.

The NH methodology considers the raising of the Cultural DNA of your company as a central axis, identifying its values and transversal principles. In this way, we structure our processes in consideration of them, favoring agile
adaptation of the candidate, his commitment and sense of belonging.

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Executive Search (headhunting)

Service oriented to middle and senior management


Our specialists carry out a final value and cultural survey of our client companies. From this consensual vision, we lead each process, outlining our searches in consideration of the key competencies to reach that Executive who drives the achievement of your organization´s goals.

Reclutamiento y Selección de Personal.  En RHMIN Consultores,Realizamos un arduo levantamiento del mercado, para llegar a ese candidato con
valor diferenciador para tu empresa.

Recruitment and selection

Service oriented to middle management

We carried out an arduous survey of the market, to reach that candidate with
differentiating value for your company.

Fotografía del servicio de Evaluaciones Psicolaborales de RHMIN Consultores

psycho-labor evaluations

Whether you are looking to assess a candidate, or identify the development potential of a collaborator for your promotion, our interviews are designed to
investigate the level of development of each competence and the fit with your culture

What our clients say about us

Since RHMIN  has provided us with services, we have reduced our response times to our internal clients. After submitting a request, they coordinate it almost immediately, delivering prompt reports and making our searches for qualified personnel more efficient.

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